Proposed Central Maui Sports Complex
ProposedCentral MauiSports Complex

Central Maui Regional Park Project

The above video discusses the proposed development and location of the Central Maui Sports Complex, originally called the Central Maui Regional Park.  However, this "park" is not a park, as you might normally expect.  Rather, it's an extensive sports complex with 12 LIGHTED SPORTS FIELDS: 9 BASEBALL/SOFTBALL FIELDS and 3 SOCCER FIELDS, along with PARKING FOR 600+ VEHICLES.  There are no other elements of a traditional "park" - it is only for organized sports.  This sports complex was designed by a company on Oahu and is being pushed by Lt. Governor Shan Tsutsui and the State Department of Land and Natural Resources - despite the fact that it will be a Maui County park.  Because the State is providing the initial funding, they feel they can impose their idea of what the residents of Central Maui need - over the objections of many in the Maui community.


The proposed park sits immediately behind a large residential community.  It will be virtually in the backyards of many of these homes and will affect hundreds of other neighbors.  According to the State's plan, the separation distance between the sports complex and the homes will be about 50 FEET!  Think about how far away you can see current sports field lighting on Maui (miles) - then imagine those lights 50-100 feet from your home.


The members of these surrounding neighborhoods are fighting to get a park that will actually be useful and beneficial for the community at large - not just a few sports organizations.  Sports fields have their place in the community, but not when they will destroy the quality of life for entire neighborhoods.

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